Blue shark

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True to its name, this shark wears a blue hue.

Nicknamed 'Wolves of the Sea,' blue sharks range in size from ten to thirteen feet and in weight from three hundred to five hundred pounds. Often found in schools, these seemingly lethargic swimmers have fish or squid for lunch. They find their prey with a special sense called Ampullae of Lorenzini. This sense perceives electrical impulses that ocean-residing animals create. Blue sharks can eat and enjoy their food since their teeth are being constantly replaced. With a built-in conveyer belt in their mouths, sharks can move new, needed teeth. Sharks generally go through thirty thousand teeth in their lifetime. With triple-thick skin, female sharks may have between twenty five and one hundred pups at a time.

Fun Facts: The blue shark's teeth are not attached to its jaw but are set in the flesh in its mouth.

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