Chimpanzee Cub

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Covered in coarse dark hair, chimpanzees are anything but dull.

Incredibly social creatures, chimpanzees live in large communities made up of smaller family groups of three to six apes. These communities can have fifty to one hundred fifty animals and are led by one dominant male called the Alpha. In the wild, female chimpanzees give birth every five or six years, and the babies can stay with their moms for up to ten years. Chimpanzees usually walk on all fours, but they can also walk upright for short distances. They spend an equal amount of time in the trees as they do on the ground where they spend their days searching for fruits, nuts, seeds, and insects. Their opposable thumbs and toes help them grasp objects. They've even been known to use sticks and stones as tools -- just like humans. Chimpanzees can live up to sixty years!

Fun Facts: Chimps use tools such as spears and branches to get their next meal.

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