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Gazelles are easily identified by their sideways black stripe.

Between playful sprints, gazelles spend their mornings and evenings grazing along the African grasslands in herds. The herds are made up of mostly females with one male who defends the group. During the hottest part of the day they rest under the trees. Gazelles can run really fast -- up to fifty miles per hour for long distances -- but usually they dash away from possible danger for a little while, then stop to look back. Gazelles are brownish in color and have a light colored underbelly, separated by a black stripe. Both the males and the females show off arched, ringed horns. Pregnant females leave their herds when they're ready to give birth and return with their newborn calves. They leave the calves in hiding during the day while they graze and return in the evening. After about five or six weeks, the calf will join the rest of the herd during daytime grazing.

Fun Facts: Gazelles often give birth to twins.

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