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Covered with smooth skin that wrinkles when it reaches the legs and neck, a hippopotamus ranges in color from gray to pink.

Although they are herbivores, hippos are considered to be the most ferocious animals in Africa due to their aggressive nature. They make quite an impact on land as they can reach speeds of thirty miles per hour when running. They can also change the course of swamps and waterways by keeping to the same paths day to day. Living semi-aquatic lives, hippos spend the day in water and graze in the evenings. In five short hours, hippos can consume over one hundred fifty pounds of food for their evening meal! In water, bulls are very territorial; but on land, there is no competition. Even though they can't swim, adult hippos fight, sleep, and reproduce in water. Along with about thirty other hippos, they live in groups called pods. Over fifteen feet long and weighing a couple tons, hippos are one of the largest mammals. They live pretty long too-they can easily live into their forties.

Fun Facts: The skin of a hippopotamus secretes a natural sunscreen that is red or orange colored.

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