Icelandic Pony Mare

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Icelandic ponies are rugged and friendly recreation and sport horses which can be ridden by children and adults alike.

Icelandic ponies come in many colours. The only thing one won't find are leopard spots.

Conservation Status: domesticated

Global Home: Worldwide


Icelandic ponies, which come in many colours, are rugged and good-natured riding horses and can also be ridden by adults. They reach full growth at 7 years and can live to as long as 35. One special feature of Icelandic ponies are the "tölt" and "flying pace" gaits. Whereas in the "tölt" gait only one or two hooves touch the ground at the same time, which makes riding these ponies very pleasant, the "flying pace" gait, which only some Icelandic ponies have, is considered the "royal gait" of the breed.

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