Polar Bear

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As white as the snow that they call home, polar bears stay warm in their thick fur.

Known as the 'Maritime Bear' and represented by Knut, the polar bear is the largest carnivore on land and one of the largest of bears. Weighing over half a ton and reaching a length of almost ten feet, this bear is twice as big as a Siberian tiger. To combat the brutal arctic cold, polar bears are insulated with four inches of blubber, or a thick layer of fat. Also equipped with a layer of underfur and a layer of transparent guard hairs, these bears are prepared to swim and hunt in the coldest climate. Polar bears are skillful swimmers and have been spotted two hundred miles away from shore. To help in finding food, polar bears have a highly sensitive sense of smell. They can catch a scent that is almost a mile away or buried under three feet of snow! Its other senses of hearing and vision are of the same caliber as humans. Although they live alone, polar bears are not territorial and enjoy spending time playing with each other. Mating occurs in May, and while the mother polar bear is pregnant, she almost triples in weight.

Fun Facts: If a polar bear neded to wear a sneaker, it would be a US-sized 22!

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