Whale shark

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The whale shark is speckled on its backside and solid on its belly.

Female whale sharks can give birth to three hundred pups per pregnancy.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Global Home: Oceans


Primary Habitat: Ocean

The largest living fish, the whale shark's body can reach a length of forty feet and weigh twenty-two tons. Living in tropical waters, this shark has been known to stick around for half a century or more. With its five foot wide mouth and hundreds of rows of teeth, whale sharks eat microscopic organisms in the water called plankton, giving them the name filter feeder. The way that the whale shark eats is by taking in water and expelling it through its gills. Between taking in water and expelling it, plankton is trapped. The whale shark can exchange water at a rate of almost four pints per second. Generally swimming alone, these fish migrate and are able to descend to depths of over two thousand feet.

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